Policy / Warranty

Return policy on parts

No Refunds after 7 days with original receipt.
15% Restocking fee all regularly stocked items.
20% Restocking fee for all other order items.

Trailer Sales
Non- Refundable deposits on all custom order trailers.


New Trend Custom Trailer provides one year warranty to all trailers manufactured by New Trend which are to be operated by the original purchaser under normal use. New Trend Custom Trailer’s liability is limited to the fabrication of the trailer frame and body only. New Trend is not liable for individual/separable part failure or contingency triggered by failure of a component that was not manufactured by New Trend. Components such as tires, wheels, axles, couplers, jacks, spring assistants and appliances are warranted by individual manufacturers. New Trend Custom Trailer does not assume liability for damages or defects resulting from, or repairs such as a result of misuse, including but not limited to: Overloading, improper loading, failure to tighten lug nuts, inability to maintain appropriate tire pressure, use of improper torque lug nuts, altered or incorrect hitch ball, and improper hitching or trailer hook up.