We carry a large a variety of trailer parts.


Trailer Service and Repairs.

To prolong the lifespan of your trailer it is highly recommended to perform routine services. Staying on track with a regular maintenance schedule can make a big difference between economical and costly long-term repairs. For example, bearings should be maintained every 7000 miles or once a year depending upon usage. Roof seams and overall sealants should be inspected to avoid deterioration.

At New Trend we offer comprehensive trailer repairs and service. Our service technicians are readily available. No job is too big. If you need any type of service, maintenance, repairs, modifications, or upgrades, we’re ready to assist you. We can perform any diagnostics.

· Welding

· Water Damage

· Electrical Issues

· Roof Repairs

· Axle Service and Installations

· Body Work

· Sheet Metal Work

· Floor Replacement

· Insurance Repairs

· And so much more

Insurance Quotes

New Trend Custom Trailer Inspects, Evaluates and Provides Quotes For Insurance Repairs.

Insurance companies have a hard time quoting repair jobs on trailers. They lack the knowledge of what is involved on builds and are not familiar with the structures as they aren’t your normal automobiles. Both Insurance agents and customers look for facilities capable of quoting and providing estimates for insurance repairs. We want to highlight that we conduct “Insurance Quotes” as it is another source of income for us, which can lead to performing the actual service job.

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